Jacqui Griffiths

Huge transformation today after my session with Madonna.

Slept 8 hours last night (unheard of for me) awoke feeling free and ready to make the changes to move forward with strength and love in my heart ❤️

Thankyou Madonna for clearing and identifying the blockages I was carrying around.


I highly recommend Madonna!! I had an amazing experience on the table yesterday… dark visions appeared and caused momentary anxiety however they disintegrated into white light and magenta swirls. 💫✨The sound healing bath was peaceful and womb like.Things are still shifting in my body today however I feel clear and present . Very grateful to have found such an authentic light worker and will definitely return for another session . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mia Kuceli

So by her own admission Madonna’s massages are not your run of the mill traditional effleurage up and down your back! At least not the session I had last weekend. So if you’re looking for that you’d better go to a day spa.. 😄
My session consisted of deep work into blocked points in various places we identified together and then releasing and letting go.
It must’ve worked a treat because after I got out of the session room and checked my phone something which no longer served me in my life came to an abrupt and welcome end! This might not happen to you but it just might 🤣 but I call this a very successful energy reactivation and am truly grateful for Madonna’s assistance in letting go in the places I was holding tension..

Sandhan U Johnson

Madonna knows her stuff knew what was going on without even telling her. Feel some what clearer now but was told to wait for another couple of days and will feel better. Will be definitely going back was a really good massage and energy shift ❤️

Camille Morrison

Thank you Madonna, for an amazing massage and healing experience! I knew you were special when I discovered you during your training! I loved the cosy cocoon that you prepared for me, where each colour and crystal that you placed had special significance! Incorporating resonance through drumming and crystal bowls was extraordinary! I value your intuitive guidance and support and I couldn’t have moved through my energy shifts without you! I feel deeply relaxed and healed…a new person! THANKYOU!

Leena Thomas

Madonna is a truly beautiful soul that takes the time to listen to your needs and use her talents to assist you with your personal situation.

Sian Cullen

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