Elevate You: Body Mind Soul Overhaul

Elevate You: Body Mind Soul Overhaul

Diploma of Remedial Massage

#Myofascial Release #Medium #Intuitive #Emotional Healing #Energetic Clearing #Sound & Vibrational Therapy & treatment: #Divine Goddess Yoni Steams

Madonna Kelly-Ford welcomes you to experience her unique style of Remedial Massage & Sound Healing treatments that will leave you relaxed, centered & rejuvenated.

People report feeling lighter within themselves, clearer in their mind and their thoughts and less anxiety and stress over day to day events. Like a weight being lifted off your shoulders. Not every client attends with the same situation and so of course each person’s experience is different, including from session to session.

Results from sessions are cumulative, meaning the more sessions you have – allows you to build upon your previous session’s results. And gain a greater understanding of yourself.

Look forward to seeing you soon! 😊