Description of Treatments

Choose a treatment that suits your needs for today.

Every treatment differs on each visit : working through the layers of what is showing up in any given day!

Expand Consciously… peeling away to the core essence of You! Holding space 🙏🏾 During a session: Often I will get a Download of information that pertains to some challenge in your life that needs to be released & cleared for your Highest Good. Feel lighter, clearer & rejuvenated. Centered & Aligned 🌟 Bringing a message for your Soul😊

  • 60 min Remedial Massage Treatment: A clinical approach with an added bonus of Reiki Master channeled energy / may include Intuitive Bodytalk Kinesiology. Release tension & stress, physical & emotional pain within the body – may also include sound & vibrational therapy to finish.
  • 90 min Integrative Remedial Treatment: A comprehensive treatment / releasing stress & blocked energy/ emotional & physical pain & tension through a clinical Remedial Massage including Intuitive Bodytalk Kinesiology & Sound/Vibrational Therapy combined with Reiki Master channeled energy Treatment. Treatment also includes Oracle Guidance Card!

#Dip.Qualified Remedial Therapist. Private cosy room, Sacred Space, Nurturing, Firm pressure. TCM Cupping, Neuroenergetic Kinesiologist, Andara Crystal healing.

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